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Freedom from Antibiotics:
"... I am living my life with better health than I could have ever imagined-- and without antibiotics. I am most grateful! "
Heather H.

Genuine Care, Vitality and Wellbeing:
"...Dr. Victor's approach is a lovely mix of genuine care for his patient's well being.... I would highly recommend Dr. Victor to anyone wanting to increase their vitality and overall sense of well being."
Laura C.

Relief from Menstrual Pain and a Graceful Menopause:
"...Your acupuncture treatments not only surpassed all of the bothersome pain and stress related to my cycle; You have guided me through menopause gracefully.... (Your treatments) have made me a women without misery. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Help with Traumatic Injury:
"...I was involved in a very traumatic car accident... Without the help from your treatments and chinese supplements I do believe that I would be suffering in a greater way from the damage. My foot was saved. Totally commited to your care."
Kim Marie

Success Beyond Expectations:
"...In one instance a nagging knee condition of many years was completely removed in one visit and it has never returned."

Sleep Without Pharmaceuticals:
" ...I learned that acupuncture sessions are relaxing time-outs that make you feel great the rest of the day... they solved my insomnia and cleared up some arthritis in the process, WITHOUT pharmaceuticals... I highly recommend Bob Victor's work."
Susan K.

Increased Fine Motor Skills:
"...my daughter who has atonal cerebral palsy and other disabilities has been gaining increased fine motor abilities and is also more mentally active and alert."
Katherine C.

Surgery Avoided:
"...Upon returning to the original doctor's office he was shocked at the speedy recovery and inquired as to what acupuncturist I had seen and about his methods for success. "
Michael K.

Cancer Support:
"...If I ever face treatments for cancer or other serious illness again, there is no doubt in my mind that I would choose to go to Bob for Chinese herbs and acupuncture to attain the best possible outcome."

Breath Restored:
"...Life was looking grim; the condition was unresponsive to Albuterol, steroids and other conventional asthmatic protocol. ...I would definitely vouch for Bob Victor."
60 year old Japanese-American Woman and Madison Resident

No More Migraines:
"...This is the first time in forty three years that I feel really good. I am still free of migraine headaches."
Katy W.

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