Migraine Specialty:

Be Free of Migraine Pain

Robert Victor, C.A., M.Ac. has worked successfully with hundreds of women and men who suffer from migraine and other headaches. As a migraine specialist, he will get to know you and work closely with you. A program will be carefully tailored to your life situation. He will provide an easy approach that you will follow at home as well as the soothing and relaxing acupuncture sessions. Most people have profound and lasting headache relief within a month or two.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression Specialty:

Have Your Life Back Again

A large placebo controlled clinical study has demonstrated that acupuncture is as successful as anti-depressants in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Robert Victor, C.A.,M.Ac. has helped many who have suffered. Most people look forward to their sessions and leave feeling relaxed and peaceful. Robert will be working together with you. You may find the ability to move forward in your life in ways that you may not have expected. Acupuncture and herbal medicine don't have the side effects or the need to continue indefinitely to have the desired effect on you life. Feel well. Have energy. Have the vitality that you need.